“without CFII I wouldn’t have been able to get my power chair and I would have been stuck! I appreciate y’all working with me so I can get out the house.” 

Client pictured in wheelchair
Client pictured enjoying new Wheelchair!

“When I started in the program at the CFII, I was a frustrated teenager who had been out of high school for 2 years, and hadn’t done anything with my life. Every one knows how bleak job opportunities have been for the past few years. And especially when a person doesn’t have ANY formal training–it’s simply a “Mission Impossible.”

To add to that dilemma, my separated/penny-less/parents were not able to send me to college. Subsequently, I had little-to-no hope for a decent future. THEN, I started going to the various classes/seminars taught by CFII. I learned sooo very much about a vast wealth of knowledge there. Out of that vastness and with the individual attention that Mrs. Long gave me, I came up with: The BEST thing that I could do with MY life was either to go into the military or into Job Corps. I chose Job Corps.

Were it not for the amazing CFII instructions, and personal guidance that I received I probably would have ended up as one of the many countless “lost girls” w/2 or 3 babies and baby daddies. I will be eternally grateful to them; THEY put me on “the right path” to a successful life.


“Being a person with a disability in and of itself is life altering. Life as I knew it had been turned upside down. My biggest fear was how was I going to support myself now! I began working with a Vocational Rehab Counselor in hopes of gaining financial security. Yet, the truth is companies are not jumping at hiring people with disabilities with the exception of door greeters and baggers at your local grocers. My VR counselor was not interested and told me that my starting my own business was not an option.

When the CFII Coordinator came to the Center for the Visually Impaired introducing CFII Program, all the doors flew open! The classes in financial management, researching for best quality/value for the money, repairing credit rating, and saving money for the future were very informative and user friendly. I learned so many invaluable skills. This program has enabled me to purchase needed equipment to start my own business. The tools I have learned through this program has helped and will continue to ensure better management of resources as my business grows.

This program is much needed and warranted in the disabled community. It will open doors that otherwise would not be available to us. The opportunity to start our own businesses, get house repairs, or purchase a vehicle suited for the disability all these things are night readily available for the disabled with the limited resources out there. Again, I greatly appreciate this program for what it has done for me and the possibilities it offers to others. Thank you CFII!”



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