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At the CFII we seek to empower people with disabilities to become financially independent and secure. People with disabilities should have opportunities for self-determination and we want to provide opportunities to advance these goals through our services.

Our products provide paths to better credit and access to the necessary technologies that a person with a disability needs to be independent. Oftentimes, the price of a piece of assistive technology (whether a home modification, vehicle modification or equipment) and lack of access to financing can be a barrier for people with disabilities. Fortunately, for people with disabilities in Georgia, we are here to assist in breaking down that barrier through our services.

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Credit-Able is the alternative financing program for Georgians with disabilities to acquire assistive technology. With reasonable interest rates and terms that are flexible we are here to provide financial access to needed technologies.

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First $tep provides small loans to establish a positive credit history, or to rebuild credit after acquiring a disability. The First $TEP program provides a small loan that can be used for escaping a predatory lender, getting technology or personal matters.

The CFII works closely with Tools for Life, Georgia’s Assistive Technology Act Program, to find affordable means of acquiring assistive technology- whether it’s finding a reused option, getting information or borrowing a device to try before you buy. We want the consumer to be empowered with all the knowledge they will need before investing in an option. Learn more about assistive technology acquisition.

For Existing Consumers, Make a Payment Online:

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